Don't Try | Radioactivity | Dirtnap Records

I didn't come by this track honestly! This popped up on Shanti (or Kevin?)'s Spotify playlist while they were driving Krysten and I around Palm Springs in a rental car. I've been in a strange state of mind for a while: I'm starting to physically feel older, my job (at the time) wasn't really working out, and, to be frank, folks: my brain just no good no more. Years of pandemic and years of being glued to Twitter waiting to see what new outrage Trump would drum up and years of working from home and being separated from friends and family have done a number on my good brain juice. But this song popped me right out of that torpor by collecting all of the melancholy-angst that had been building up inside of me and just wailing it out. I leaned to read the name of the song and artist from the back seat and mumbled it to myself until I could get home so I could write it down in some kind of computer. And now I'm writing it into this computer!

Tags: #music