(2019) Keynote: The Path to Components - Luke Wagner, Distinguished Engineer, Fastly - YouTube

One of the best explainers on the state of WASI/WIT/WASM components I've seen. This is part of an interesting trend: the industry is starting to revisit bedrock abstractions. Systemd started doing this with single-machine process management, Kubernetes did it with cluster management, Aurae is starting to look into what it looks like for larger clusters. At the same time that we're having this renaissance in service orchestration, WASM components are relitigating inter-process communications and resource sharing ("What if programs didn't call each other by file system location, but instead by calling directly into each other? What if they didn't have to serialize state into text?") I am much more hopeful about the hypothetical future of orchestrated WASM binaries than I am about the container landscape, to be honest. Docker left behind quite a crater.