one year of node

Roughly this time last year, I started at Walmart Labs as a Node contributor. The project – and hence, the job – had a lot of unknowns at that point, chief of which was "how does one become a collaborator?" One year (and one well-intentioned fork) later, I feel like we've made progress. If you're an individual (or company) looking to devote developer time to the project, it should be a much more inviting experience than before!

A year later, I'm excited to announce I'll be an npm hyoo-mon starting on June 23rd. I will be (remotely) joining the registry team, whose recent work scaling the registry has rewritten the book on how to turn a speeding locomotive into a formula one racer without losing any momentum. In addition to my registry duties, I will be continuing to contribute to Node on behalf of npm, inc., and will continue to serve on the Technical Steering Committee.

My goals for the Node project over the next year are to improve the infrastructure around collaboration – to create forums for collaborators, tools to make sure we understand the impact of our decisions before we commit to them, and metrics (like code coverage) to catch mistakes before we make them; and to improve documentation around the project so we can continue to build a healthy collaboratorship, and a more transparent project.

I'd like to thank Eran Hammer, TJ Fontaine, and the Node TSC for their support and the opportunity to work on the project over the last year.

For the remaining week-or-two of my vacation, I'll be at Nodeconf running a couple of entmoots on documentation and static analysis, and relaxing in Portland with my cat. Say hi if you're around!